Ally Freedman


Ally Freedman is a young Métis woman with strong roots in Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan. She also has Italian and Jewish heritage. She has a BA Honours in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from Carleton University. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Native Studies at the University of Manitoba with her research focusing on Métis culture and identity.

Ally is a passionate defender of Indigenous rights and equality for all peoples. Ally has contributed in many aspects to promoting diversity and inclusion for women, Indigenous peoples, and other marginalized groups in politics and society. She is a powerful young woman who uses her voice to amplify the voices that are far too often silenced, especially the voices of Indigenous women.

She previously served as the lead for the Indigenous subcommittee on the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee. In that role she strived to make Ottawa a better place for youth, especially Indigenous and racialized youth. Additionally, she was on the Steering Committee at Youth Action Now. In 2017, Ally was one of the 338 Daughters of the Vote, in which she was selected as the Legacy Network Leader for Decolonization and Indigenous Rights toolkit.

Throughout her many endeavours – Ally strives to make the world a better place. She is always looking for ways in which she can use her skills, knowledge, and passion to speak out for injustices against anyone and everyone.