Relationships and Partnerships

It is all about relationships.

First Peoples Group is all about building relationships that are grounded in a commitment to reconciliation, or what we call [re]Confederation. Our approach brings industry, community and government together to move forward collaboratively and constructively.

The following outlines some of the services we offer to help our clients build stronger organizations through stronger relationships.

Strategic Planning

Creating a clear, understandable and actionable strategic plan can be a powerful tool to get to organizational results. But the process is as important as the product. Stakeholders need to be involved in developing the plan. The context in which the organization operates must be taken into account. FPG will support organizations in creating strategic plans with aspirational goals paired with realistic, achievable objectives.

Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation

We take a positively centered approach based on the consensus building model. Our approach is based on trying to ensure all parties feel they have been treated with dignity. We also offer training and coaching services in this area.

Team Building

Strong teams are the key to organizational success. One of our team building experts would be happy to develop a positively centered, energy filled program with you.