Engagement with Indigenous Peoples

Honouring the work of spirit and knowledge gained by centuries of
interaction with creation.

As important as it is for scientists and western-based systems to bring their knowledge to bear on questions of resource development and environment, it is fundamental and equally important that spiritual beings and the spirit of the earth are also considered. Traditional Indigenous knowledge keepers have a sacred responsibility to the land, to our ancestors and future generations.

Engagement and Facilitation

Our Indigenous facilitators are connected to and are part of the Indigenous communities we serve. We can therefore ensure that any required process creates space for the voices of spiritual leaders to be heard, sharing the richness of a culture and way of life that offers us all guidance in moving forward in a non-adversarial and positive environment.

Meetings are a big investment in time and human resources. Our facilitation team is mindful of the need to balance meeting objectives with participants feeling they have been part of an inclusive exercise. Our team members are engaging, experienced and multi-lingual.

Implementation Planning

A strategic plan sets the direction and is the framework for action. However, some organizations may need support in making the plan a reality, getting the right people to undertake the tasks, getting buy-in from other stakeholders, working through specific challenges in implementation, and making adjustments to the plan as needed, while always keeping the focus on results. FPG has experience in guiding and supporting organizations as they move through this important stage. They can be there in the beginning to ensure resource alignment or buy-in, or in the middle of the process, when an organization is most likely to get stuck and run into challenges, or even towards the end, if help is needed to get to the finish line.