Imagining a New Relationship


We believe that Indigenous knowledge regarding the agency of the planet, our responsibilities to each other, to other life on Mother Earth and to future generations must inform decisions regarding every natural resource development in the country.

While reconciliation is the new axiom, our firm was built in 2006 on this principle. When we brought industry, community and government together to dialogue around resource extraction and energy issues or when public servants attend our hallmark Indigenous awareness courses, this is reconciliation. When we sat down with large organizations like the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies to help them chart a path forward to building stronger relationships between them and the Aboriginal community around child welfare, this is reconciliation.

While Canada is on a path toward reconciliation we must look at the state of Canada differently. We believe that Canada needs to move from reconciliation towards what we at First Peoples Group call [re]Confederation.

We need to come together to build a better, new and more complete Canada. One that goes beyond reconciliation, one that re-imagines and modernizes confederation.

Let’s get to work.