Indigenous Awareness Training For over a decade we have been the premiere and only provider of Aboriginal Awareness training in Canada that is delivered by a three-member, senior First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit team and an Elder. One and a half day sessions, an executive half-day session and one day Inuit Awareness sessions are available upon request. First Peoples Group will design training for your organization that is relevant, focused and informative in terms of knowledge areas that require enhancement.

Our training, gives participants an understanding about the historical, legal, social and political circumstances that are particular to the Original peoples in Canada. This training can be developed to suit the specific needs of your organization. For example, in the health sector, participants may require a more critical understanding of issues that are particular to Aboriginal peoples in terms of access to health and health determinants.

FPG Clients include Health Canada, Legal Aid Ontario, Parks Canada Agency, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, school boards and large private sector companies including the Northwest Company and KLS Earthworks. This is without a doubt the most effective, comprehensive and professional one-day session in the country.

Cultural Competency Training
Cultural competency training is usually intended to build on Aboriginal Awareness training and introduces steps towards shifting the workplace environment to become more culturally competent and responsive to the needs of Aboriginal clients and policies affecting Aboriginal peoples and Aboriginal staff.

It is designed to enable organizations to establish and implement practical goals and to incorporate Aboriginal approaches to operating procedures in order to become more effective. FPG's facilitators will develop participant-involved training exercises and scenarios that are unique to your organization in addition to the development of best practices, and how to work towards objectives and work through barriers at a practical level.

This training can be done separately from the Aboriginal Awareness Training, though completing both of these training sessions will create more understanding and buy-in within your organization.

Curriculum Reform As pressure increases for schools across Canada to incorporate mandatory curriculum on Aboriginal peoples outside of Native Studies streams, this presents two important consequences. Firstly, Aboriginal peoples and knowledge will finally be included as part of the standard of curriculum guidelines. But, it may also present challenges to teachers. First Peoples Group has a wealth of knowledge in terms of research capabilities, experienced knowledge in these areas, and an intimate understanding of history and policy with regard to Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Our team will work in concert with Ministry-identified directives, school boards and individual secondary schools to help prepare teachers for this increased responsibility. Whether it be assistance in developing engaging lesson plans, or providing local, historical research and facts about Aboriginal peoples, and the integration of traditional knowledge often held by our Elders, we have the expertise to address any questions you might have about Aboriginal curriculum in the classroom. We work with individual teachers, larger teacher-training classes and school boards to develop dynamic, informative and inclusive curriculum.

"School boards, departments of education, colleges and universities across Canada are creating or updating policies and programs to ensure that their Aboriginal students will succeed. Many businesses and governments are looking at the best policies, programs and training that will foster greater awareness among all; leading to a true understanding of the Aboriginal people's rich history and place in Canadian society.

Our team knows and understands the intricacies of curriculum development, navigating higher education and cross-cultural training. And our work with school boards and the two national foundations dedicated to the residential school legacy is leading the way in the area of re-engineering the school system for Aboriginal students. Be it curriculum reform, policy development, program review or researching best practices, the FPG team can help."