As the Original free and independent peoples of this land, reconciliation has always been a part of our culture, because reciprocal relationships are the foundation of our nations. First Peoples Group's regional reconciliation process ensures that when we work together with our clients, we undertake each project with this in mind.

While reconciliation is the new axiom, our firm was built in 2006 on this principle. When we bring industry, community and government together to dialogue around resource extraction and energy issues or when public servants attend our hallmark Indigenous awareness courses, this is reconciliation. When we sit down with large organizations like the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies to help the chart a path forward to building stronger relationships between them and the Aboriginal community around child welfare, this is reconciliation.

Today Canadians are talking about reconciliation with First Nations, the M├ętis and the Inuit. They wonder what it will look like. They wonder how it will happen. They wonder how will they notice when it is happening. Some even wonder if it will ever happen. I say just like all Canadians can count on there being snow every winter you can count on reconciliation happening. It is happening right now all around us.

Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation
We take a positively centered approach based on the consensus building model. Our approach is based on trying to ensure all parties feel they have been treated with dignity. We also offer training and coaching services in this area.

Meetings are a big investment in time and human resources. Our facilitation team is mindful of the need to balance meeting objectives with participants feeling they have been part of an inclusive exercise. Our team members are engaging, experienced and multi-lingual.

Team Building
Strong teams are the key to organizational success. One of our team building experts would be happy to develop a positively centered, energy filled program with you.