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The Spirit of the Land
As important as it is for scientists and western-based systems to bring their knowledge to bear on questions of resource development and environment, it is fundamental and equally important that spiritual beings and the spirit of the earth are also considered.
Traditional Indigenous knowledge keepers have a sacred responsibility to the land, to our ancestors and to present and future generations. It is therefore essential that processes create space for the voices of spiritual leaders to be heard.
I know first hand what I'm talking about. As a stage 4-cancer survivor, I am grateful for the treatment prescribed by my western doctors and medicine people. Whether both or one in particular was responsible for helping me heal, I cannot say.
What I can say is that in preparing a path forward, the work of spirit and knowledge gained by centuries of interaction, observation and engagement with all of creation will play a key role in resource development, environmental sustainability and a healthy planet.
Guy Matthew Freedman (KwingogwaƔgi Pizhew)
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